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at Lucky Landmark

People and Careers

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Explore Career Opportunities
at Lucky Landmark

People and Careers

Unlock Your Potential

Explore Career Opportunities
at Lucky Landmark


Join us at Lucky Landmark (Pvt) Ltd and embark on a rewarding career in the leasing and rental space management industry. Together, let's shape the future of LUCKYONE Shopping Mall and create unforgettable experiences for our partners and visitors.

Building Success, Together.

Join our team and be a part of the exciting world of leasing and rental space management. At LLM - Lucky Landmark, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and driving success for our partners.

Why Work With

Dynamic and Thriving Environment:

Lucky Landmark operates within the vibrant and fast-paced world of the LuckyOne Shopping Mall. As a member of our team, you'll be immersed in an energetic and dynamic work environment that constantly evolves to meet the needs of our partners and visitors.

Impactful Work:

By joining Lucky Landmark, you become an integral part of our mission to connect top Pakistani brands with prime locations. Your work will directly contribute to the success of our partners and shape the shopping experience of thousands of visitors who frequent LuckyOne Shopping Mall.

Collaborative Team:

At Lucky Landmark, we value teamwork and collaboration. We believe that the collective efforts of our talented individuals drive our success. Join a team that is supportive, inclusive, and encourages open communication, where your ideas and contributions are valued.

Growth Opportunities:

We believe in investing in our employees' growth and development. With a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, ensuring that you can reach your full potential within the company.

Industry Recognition:

Lucky Landmark has established itself as a leading leasing and rental space management company in Pakistan. By joining our team, you become a part of an organization that is well-respected within the industry and recognized for its commitment to excellence.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing


  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Systems
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • VTS (Vertical Transport System)

Contracts and Rentals


  • Lease Negotiation
  • Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Rent Collection and Payment
  • Lease Agreement Management
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Tenant Relations
  • Revenue and Profitability
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Promotion for Vacant Spaces
  • Space Maintenance
  • Reporting and Documentation

Advertising and Brand Management


  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Market Research
  • Advertising
  • Brand Management
  • Event Planning

Billing and Accounts Management


  • Accounting
  • Billing and Recovery
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Taxation
  • Auditing
  • Financial Planning



  • Recruitment
  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HR Analytics
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Talent Management



  • Retail Operations
  • Customer Services
  • Food And Beverage
  • House Keeping
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Project Management (Civil)



  • Software Development
  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • System Administration
  • IT Support and Helpdesk
  • SAP (ERP)
  • IT Governance and Compliance
  • Data Center Management

Supply Chain
Procurement and


  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Planning

Recognizing Excellence at Lucky Landmark

Celebrating Staff Achievements

T360° – Train. Transform. Transcend

A pioneering training program, at LuckyOne Mall!

This innovative program not only focuses on elevating our associates to new heights of personal and professional growth but also embraces a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and community impact.

At LuckyOne Mall, we understand that our success is intricately linked to the well-being and development of our associates. With T360°, we have developed a comprehensive training program that empowers all our associates as well as other stakeholders with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and beyond.

We at LuckyOne Mall firmly believe that a successful organization has a responsibility to make a positive difference in the community it serves. With this in mind, we have integrated a community service component into our program. Through volunteering initiatives and outreach projects, our employees have the opportunity to give back and create a lasting impact on the lives of those around us.

At the heart of T360° lies our unwavering dedication to the people we serve. By fostering a culture of growth, excellence, and corporate citizenship, we are committed to not only touching lives but also leaving a tangible, positive footprint in our community.

Careers Program at LLM

At Lucky Landmark, we understand the importance of investing in our employees' growth and development. That's why we offer a range of career programs designed to provide learning opportunities, foster personal and professional growth, and empower our team members to excel in their respective fields. Explore our different career programs below:


Our internship program provides students and young professionals with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the leasing and rental space management industry. As an intern at Lucky Landmark, you'll work closely with our experienced team, learn about the intricacies of the business, and contribute to meaningful projects. We offer internships in various departments, including leasing, marketing, operations, and customer service.


Our management trainee program is designed for fresh graduates who aspire to pursue a career in leasing and rental space management. Through this program, you'll undergo comprehensive training and rotational assignments across different departments within Lucky Landmark. This immersive experience will provide you with a holistic understanding of our operations and equip you with the skills needed to take on leadership roles in the future.

Current Vacancies

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Join us at Lucky Landmark (Pvt) Ltd and embark on a rewarding career in the leasing and rental space management industry. Together, let's shape the future of LUCKYONE Shopping Mall and create unforgettable experiences for our partners and visitors.

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Lucky Landmark (Private) Limited is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we look forward to having you as part of our talent pool.

    Fraud Warning: Beware of Recruitment Scams

    At LLM, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our recruitment process. It has come to our attention that fraudulent individuals or organizations are falsely claiming to represent LuckyOne or Lucky Landmark (Pvt) Ltd and using our name for fraudulent recruitment activities. We take this matter seriously and want to ensure the safety and security of all job seekers.

    Job Offers from Lucky Landmark (Pvt) Ltd.

    All job offers from LLM will be provided in writing on official company letterheads and will include detailed information about the position, salary, benefits, and other relevant terms. We do not offer jobs without a formal selection process, including interviews and assessments.

    Official Communication with Human Resource

    All official communication regarding job openings and recruitment at LLM will be conducted through our official email addresses, which end with "" or " We do not use personal email accounts or instant messaging platforms for recruitment purposes.

    Verification Procedure of LLM

    If you receive any suspicious communication claiming to be from LuckyOne or  Lucky Landmark (Pvt) Ltd. we strongly advise you to verify the authenticity of the communication by contacting our official HR department through the contact information provided on this official website or social media pages.

    Request for Financial Information

    LLM will never request financial information, such as bank account details or payment for recruitment-related purposes. We do not charge any fees or payments from job applicants at any stage of the recruitment process.


    Our LinkedIn page is a valuable resource for staying updated on the latest news, job openings, company updates, and industry insights.


    Provide us your valuable feedback, however; in case of any unpleasant experience please register your complain so we can swiftly address your grievances.


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