RTA - Road To Access

Dear Valued Retailers

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently implemented a new electronic system for Gate Permit to enhance your overall experience with us. This system is designed to provide you with increased ease and security in all of your interactions with ourcompany in the future;

In order to ensure that you are able to fully utilize the benefits of this new system, we kindly ask for your cooperation with our staff. They are fully trained on the new system and will be happy to assist you in any way needed.

Please read the following Gate Permit procedure listed for your interest; 

1.   Retailers are required to obtain an electronic gate permit from the Loading Dock Office for all material entering or exiting the LuckyOne        premises. This includes both INWARD and OUTWARD materials, and must be done separately. The request must be submitted with the          retailer's brand stamp, in accordance with current procedures.

2.   Retailers must obtain an INWARD permit prior to bringing any type of vehicle or lorry onto the LuckyOne premises. Once the vehicle is            ready to depart, an OUTWARD permit must be requested. The reference INWARD permit must be submitted to the Loading Dock office          when applying for the OUTWARD permit.

3.   Retailers are responsible for obtaining both INWARD and OUTWARD permits for commercial rental vehicles, such as taxis, rickshaws,              trucks, and contractor lorries, that enter the LuckyOne premises in their name. This includes arranging and requesting the OUTWARD            permit to ensure the vehicle can leave the premises with proper documentation and without any complications.

4.   Electronic permits are valid for a period of 12 hours from the time of request. To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended that                  retailers obtain or request the electronic permit prior to arranging night shifts, during mall hours, and before 12:00 AM. 

5.   Both INWARD and OUTWARD permits for the Food Court and Retail segments are approved electronically in the system by the relevant          approval authority when the request is submitted at the Loading Dock. This process is done separately for each segment. Manual                    signing of permits by the Retail and FNB Supervisor will only occur in the event of system downtime or maintenance.

6.   Retailer staff who submit a request at the Loading Dock must wait for electronic approval before proceeding. The Loading Dock Office            can only provide a printout of the approved permit to the staff after the request has been approved. Cooperation and patience is                    appreciated while awaiting approval.

7.   INWARD permits require clearance (stamp) from the gate staff before entering the premises. OUTWARD permits, on the other hand, will        be cleared by the Loading Dock before reaching the gate..

8.   Both INWARD and OUTWARD permits must have a security stamp to be marked in the system and granted access to enter or exit the              LuckyOne premises.

9.   Fit-Out and materials other than shop merchandise require investigation and advice from the Leasing or Operational head of LuckyOne        Mall. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to inform the Leasing Department via email prior to bringing in such materials.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service through this new system.

LuckyOne Mall