LuckyOne Mall Code of Conduct

Please go through our Code of Conduct below – this is a guide to ensure all shoppers, visitors, merchants, and employees are extended the courtesy of enjoying a safe and a pleasant shopping experience.

  1. Weapons and personal armed bodyguards/escorts inside the LuckyOne Mall premises are not allowed. Fighting, harassing, threatening, shouting, yelling, abusing, offending others, provoking confrontations are strictly forbidden.

  2. In case of unpleasant incidents, customers are advised not to take the matters in their own hands and directly report it to the Customer Service Representative at the information desk.

  3. Littering the LuckyOne Mall premises is not allowed. Defacing, damaging, destroying, stealing any property belonging to the LuckyOne Mall, its patrons, or its tenants is a criminal offence, and the offender will be strictly dealt with by the authorities.

  4. Abstain from: blocking access to the LuckyOne Mall entrances, store entrances, elevators, corridors and/or parking areas, assembling in a manner which may disturb public peace. Give preference to the elderly and the handicapped when occupying mall chairs and benches. Accompany the elderly and children on the elevators and escalators, advise children not to run anywhere in the LuckyOne Mall and do not let them operate the trolleys.

  5. Pets are not allowed inside the LuckyOne Mall premises.

  6. Observing all Federal and Provincial rules is mandatory. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly forbidden inside the LuckyOne Mall premises.

  7. LuckyOne Mall is not responsible for any kind of theft, loss, misplacement of customer belongings. However, report to the Customer Services Representative immediately for recovery.

  8. Photography and videography, distribution of literature, surveys, solicitation, demonstrations, special promotions, free sampling, sale and/or purchase of items from customers to other customers are not allowed without prior permission of the LuckyOne Mall Management.

  9. Overnight car parking is not allowed. Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight will be reported to the local police and will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

  10. Sunday is a Family day.

  11. The rights of admission are reserved with the LuckyOne Mall Management.

The Management reserves the right to exclude any person from the LuckyOne Mall premises. Any person violating the Code of Conduct may be directed to leave the LuckyOne Mall, and/or maybe prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The LuckyOne Mall Management reserves the right to amend the Code of Conduct at any time.

For more information, you can visit the customer services counter.

If you have any questions regarding the LuckyOne Mall Code of Conduct, please contact us on:

Thank You for Your Cooperation.

Issued by the LuckyOne Mall Management