Dining Options

Tantalizing Culinary Delights

The Dining options at LuckyOne Mall will take your taste buds to storm, From Local favorites to renowned international fast food joints, continental, oriental, Chinese, Thai & Mediterranean cuisines.

Multiple Options and Food Court in the Mall and on Open to Sky Lucky One Food Street!

Food Street

Our all-including thematic packages are created according to your interests, and give you the opportunity to experience your passion all around the world.

Food Court Area


Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-07

Chicken shop. For Delivery Call 111-532-532 111-KFC-KFC

Burger King

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-11

Fast food restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan. How well do you know the Whopper?

Broadway Pizza

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-16

Broadway Pizza is an expression of true love for the flavors, aroma and the art of Pizza making.

Crepe de licious

Lower Ground Floor Kiosk

Crepe de licious is committed to give people an experience of healthy and delicious eating. We bring you french savory crepes with desi flavors for the first time in karachi. Our food is healthy, full of taste and we use high quality ingredients to give you the taste of your life

Burger Lab

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-01

At the Lab we flip succulent meaty patties packed with goodness ready to serve you.

Berlin Doner & Gyro

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-02A

Satisfy your craving with our juicy and succulent imported German chicken, turkey, lamb or veal with plenty of iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, red cabbage & feta cheese


Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-03

We are waiting the quote of slogan from the vendor. Coming Soon

Pizza Hut

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-17

Pizza Hut is the leading pizzeria & one of the largest restaurant chains in Pakistan!

Paramount Fine Foods

Second Floor Food Court Shop No FC-04

Paramounts mouthwatering food menu containing Lebanese cuisines, Middle East & Arabic foods such as shawarma, falafel & more


Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-05

McDonald's Share the love and stay connected with McDonald's

California Pizza

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-06

California Pizza is a symbol of quality and innovation for Pizza lovers. With our Bigger Size and Better Taste, we are proudly serving the Karachi

Dunkin Donuts

Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. FC-K6

Dunkin Donuts is the only multinational food chain in Pakistan which offers the customer an unprecedented variety of products that cater to any need at any time of the day!


Second Floor Food Court Shop No FC-08

Two brothers with the passion of good food and a craze for potato fries put their idea to test and the result was one potato two potato

Burger Shck

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-09

Sitting on the streets of Karachi checking out the food scene. Hello 2016. #. Waiting for food like...


Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-10

Subway continues to thrive producing tasty one-foot long and six-inch submarine sandwiches or subs for short.

Dip Shop

Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. FC-K8

Dip Shop is an Ice Cream parlour that allows people to top their fantasies and relish their customized ice creams.

Chacha jee

Second Floor Food Court Shop No FC-12

At Chacha Jee we blend together the finest ingredients into unique recipes. Our delectable and aromatic food is known to bring out the true essence of Desi cuisine.

China Grill

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-13

Pakistanis love Chinese food - and we love Pakistan! China Grill aims to bring mouth watering Chinese cuisine to ALL food courts across this great country!


Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-13A

GreenO Juice Bars mission is to provide our customers with healthy, nutritious, and high quality products, prepared in a homemade fashion.


Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. FC-K1

Del Frio Kiosks You can now experience Del Frio’s culinary miracles at a Del Frio kiosk stationed near you. The Del Frio kiosks feature up to 8 flavours of ice cream, latte bar, hot brownies and freshly made cones and promise you an exclusive sensory experience.

Mirchi 360 Degrees

Second Floor Food Court Shop No FC-10A

Multi-Cuisine Fast food restaurant · Bar & Grill · Barbecue restaurant

Dixie Chicken

Second Floor Food Court Shop No FC-14

We sell the best finger lickin chicken, from ranges of Burger Meals to Bucket Family Meals.

Vintage Coffee Cafe

Second Floor Food Court Shop No. FC-15

Vintage Bakeshop & Cafe transports you back in times to the Victorian era. The age of chivalry and culture comes back to life as you step in the cafe.

HeyDay - Ice cream & Cones

Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. FC-K3

The best soft serve Ice Cream in Pakistan - HeyDay Pakistan Famous for its exquisite taste, HeyDay is a range of soft serve ice cream delights comprising of multiple outlets in Karachi.

Fibbi Cafe

Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. FC-K11

Spend a quality time with your loved ones and make the best conversations happen over a hot cup of Fibbi Tea.


Second Floor Food Court Koisk No FC-K4

Our iconic HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate bar has been bringing moments of happiness to the world for over 100 years.

Sacha's Cakes

Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. FC-K13

It couldn't be more tempting "about us" then sharing the sweet words from an old fan of Sacha's Bakery Cakes. ~~~~~~~~

Gola Ganda

Second Floor Food Court Cart No FC- C4

How adorable is this Gola Ganda cart! What do you guys think? Don't forget to tag us to your gola ganda pictures!

Waffle Cart

Second Floor Food Court Cart No. FC-C3

The Waffle Cart - serving delicious waffles in a variety of flavours. The Place LUCKYONE SHOPPIN MALL.

Desi Chaat Corner

Second Floor Food Court Cart No FC-K15

Expreiece the finest traditional Chaats, Gol Gappay, Dahi Baray with a glass of Limo Paani that will leave you asking for more!

Amiamo Gelato

Second Floor Food Court Cart No FC-K14

Dive into a world of Authentic Premium Gelato with Amiamo Gelato

Lals Gelato

Second Floor Food Court Kiosk No. SFC

Lals Gelato is a proudly Pakistani brand of Premium gelato, making fresh gelato everyday. They are committed to sourcing the best ingredients that they can find as locally as possible, from Pakistan's very own farms, as well as from around the world. The colorful cart creates a whimsical and joyful spot for people to gather and enjoy this delicious and wholesome gelato.

Food Street Area

Bar.B.Q Tonight

Ground Floor Food Street Shop No FS-01

The success story of Bar B. Q. Tonight began in 1988 at Karachi, Pakistan. We started serving authentic Pakistani dishes along with our signature Bar.B.Q dishes.


Ground Floor Food Street Shop No FS-03

Hey y’all, what’s the point of searchin high n low for the perfect meal when you can just step in to our county and enjoy a juicy charcoal-grilled beauty we call a burger. So what’s the delay Buckaroos, giddy up and enjoy best burgers in town at Howdy.

Royal Jasmine Cuisine

Ground Floor Food Street Shop No FS-04

Treat yourself with a vast array of tantalizing authentic East Asian cuisines in a royal ambient environment at Royal Jasmine Cuisine. Offering genuine Chinese, Japanese and Thai food at affordable rates, Royal Jasmine Cuisine is your go-to restaurant.


Ground Floor Food Street Shop No FS-02

Zaoq Restaurant is the latest addition to the culinary horizon of Karachi, offering genuine Pakistani cuisine to those who appreciate elegance, refinement and good taste, hence the name ZAOQ. We invite you to an entirely new dining experience which shall not only be a treat for your taste buds but a journey through the glorious heritage and culture of the sub-continent. At Zaoq we offer a number of delectable curries, Clay oven baking, Tak-a-tak and charcoal Barbecue prepared right before your eyes; not only that each recipe can be moulded and prepared according to your taste and preference.