Frequently Asked Question

To make life a little easier we’ve listed just a few frequently asked questions. If you need any further assistance please contact us.


Yes you can at Habib Bank Limited and at Allied Bank Limited open on Saturday – 9 AM to 2 PM and on Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM.


Yes. Hyperstar timings are 9 am to 11 PM , Mon to Fri and 9 AM to midnight 12 AM on Saturday and Sunday.


Yes we do. The wheelchairs are complimentary from the LuckyOne Management. The wheelchairs are located on the Ground Floor and the Lower Ground Floor at each of the Entrances.

To get a wheelchair upon arrival at LuckyOne you just need to provide your CNIC number and your vehicle number plate so a LuckyOne Attendant can provide you this service at your door step.

Wheelchairs must be returned half an hour before the closing time.

If you desire an attendant with your wheel chair during your visit to LuckyOne, kindly inform our Customer Service desk at least 24 hours in advance.


We understand shopping with kids can sometimes be a little challenging. To make it easier, a room in all Ladies Rest Rooms is specially provided for diaper/nappy change.


LuckyOne offers free Wi-Fi throughout all areas of the facility Simply enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device and select “LuckyOne. FREE Wi-Fi”.

Read our Wi-Fi Terms & Conditions

  1. By agreeing to our terms, users of the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI accept that LUCKYONE will do their utmost to provide a reliable, stable and secure service, however from time to time, the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI may be unavailable or become unavailable whilst in the premises.
  2. LUCKYONE FREE WIFI provides free Broadband Internet, however it is not supplied for the purpose of, and is not suitable for supporting any application or use which needs continuous fault free network connectivity.
  3. Whilst LUCKYONE will do everything within its power to monitor and rectify any service interruptions, it does not take any responsibility for any user data which traverses the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI Network. LUCKYONE cannot guarantee that your data will not become lost, damaged, or intercepted in transit using this Internet connection. LUCKYONE does not take responsibility if you lose an email or a download or any other kind of transmission, or if someone gains access to your passwords, or for any other like circumstances.
  4. Security of the user’s equipment and data is not the responsibility of LUCKYONE . It is the user’s responsibility to safeguard against the risks of hacking, viruses, eavesdropping, and all other such hazards. LUCKYONE is not liable for any kind of loss or damage whatsoever.
  5. The LUCKYONE FREE WIFI is intended to be used in a "community-minded" manner. In order to provide a "fair" service for everyone, LUCKYONE reserves the right to: Bar access to the Free Wi-Fi Service to anyone who is deemed to be in breach of the terms, or is behaving in an unsociable manner, or for any other reason. Block access to any network protocols that are deemed inappropriate or may contravene LUCKYONE Wi-Fi terms of use. Such network protocols include but are not limited to those used by file sharing applications such as Limewire, eDonkey, Napster or any BitTorrent type of client or Peer to Peer applications. Apply any such traffic shaping as is deemed necessary to provide the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI access in a fair and stable manner to all its customers.
  6. Customers of the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI access agree to keep their activities absolutely legal, respectable and in good taste. Customers are forbidden to use the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI for the transfer of copyrighted or offensive materials, or any other such articles.
  7. LUCKYONE reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions stated in this document at any time and for any reason. Continued use of the LUCKYONE FREE WIFI by you constitutes your binding acceptance of such revisions, amendments, and modifications.
  8. LUCKYONE respects your privacy and will at all times comply with the Privacy Act and other applicable laws that protect information relating to you.
  9. LUCKYONE or the operators of the Wi-Fi network will not under any circumstances (unless required by law) disclose any details about you to any third party.



Yes, parking is free for the first two hours. We have two levels dedicated only for customer car parking. This large covered car parking facility has access points into LuckyOne.

The first two hours of car parking is free, after which a parking fee is levied at the rate of Rs. 100 per hour.


All lost and found items are adequately dealt with from the Customer Service counters located at the Ground Floor and the Lower Ground Floor.


At LuckyOne, we pride ourselves on our high level of Customer Service. From giving directions to lost property and talking care of our customers thereby making your shopping experience easier, livelier, happy and fun filled.  You’ll find the LuckyOne Mall Management on the third floor accessible by elevators located in Zone-B only.


This current website has  the link for email newsletter subscription on Home Page and from Visit Menu. You shall receive the same regularly once subscribed.


If you are a journalist or blogger you can contact the LuckyOne General Manager Marketing  or the Executive Director for:

  • Latest news and up-to-date information
  • High-res images
  • Filming requests
  • Interview requests
  • Photoshoot request


As well as information on LuckyOne, the LuckyOne Press Room Office can also provide a first point of contact for individual stores within the Mall. To get in touch please email us at or call on 0800 LUCKY.


We welcome photography and filming at LuckyOne. If you plan to take lots of images or do any filming for broadcast/telecast or for commercial use, we would ask that you report to the LuckyOne Management Office on the 3rd floor to seek a Media Pass which shall be provided to the Customer Service Counter for you to collect.


If you are coming from main Shahra-e-Faisal Road proceeding in the direction to the Jinnah Airport, take a left on main Rashid Minhas Road. It is a ten minutes straight drive. You will pass UBL Sports Ground on the left and opposite is LuckyOne. Take the next U-turn and you arrive at LuckyOne.


We have provided Washrooms at every floor and all wash rooms are furnished with disability rooms that are wheel chair friendly. Please follow the directions and you will surely reach one.


Valet parking Service is provided by LuckyOne. This service is outsourced top a leading Valet services provider. However, we at LuckyOne do not take any responsibility for the goods and articles left in your vehicle. Please ensure you hand over your vehicle to the valet attendant knowing the contents in your vehicle and the attendant noting the same. Any scratches or dents on your vehicle must be communicated to the Valet Attendant. We strive hard for customer satisfaction and look forward to your cooperation and support to ensure you have a pleasant shopping and fun experience at LuckyOne.


We have a large variety of promotional spaces available at LuckyOne. For yoru enquiry please email us stating your requirements at

Noteworthy to Mention

We at LuckyOne are vigilant regarding individuals or groups taking images of the mall at random. If any person/s or group is seen taking excessive photographs they should be stopped politely and asked the need for the images/filming. This could be  in connection with criminal or terrorist activity and if there is any breach of commercial copyright or image rights. The LuckyOne Management reserves the right to freely ask questions or enquire as to the nature of the photography or filming and refer to the Duty Manager / Security Manager On Duty if unsure on the above.


Still have questions or inquiries? Please contact us